LJ  Booth

A couple of us from Linden Tree Coffeehouse, near Boston saw you at NERFA. Most of our next season's schedule is done, but wondering if you have booked anything near our area?

LJ Booth responded on 02/06/2012

Linden Tree-

Hey.....glad to hear from you!

When you say "most of our next season"...it leads me to believe that you may have an opening in this season's schedule. If so, I'd be way interested.

I'm still touring as a solo....and am also touring as a duo with Chris Kokesh (as an option...www.chriskokesh.com). We're partners in more than just music...which explains why I haven't gotten back to you sooner. We've been moving me to Oregon for the last two months.
Good timing now, though. The best place to reach me is ljbooth@tds.net. Or 715-412-2111.
I look forward to whenever we can make a show work.

Let me know if and when.....and I'll get on the horn to my other contacts who expressed interest.

All the best


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