LJ  Booth

Hi LJ, not really a question, more of a response to your answer on your recent battle... VERY SORRY to hear that! Hope your recovery goes quicker and is more thorough than you can imagine. Since I am now on your email list, I know we will be hearing good news at some point. Keep the faith! P.S. I attended a concert years ago at the Cultural Center in Cedarburg. I absolutely loved the whole evening. It was beyond wonderful! Loved, loved, loved all the songs, especially the one about your grandparents, as well as the couple who 'Blew the Carbon Out" from Chicago (hopefullly I have that right!). God Bless YOU! Shellie Olson

LJ Booth responded on 08/18/2016

Thanks, Shelly. I'll be back. All the best to you and yours.


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