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LJ -
When will you be back to Colorado - specifically the Boulder/Ft Collins area? The last few times you were here, I was out of town for work. Sigh...

LJ Booth responded on 07/04/2014

I'm not sure.
But I hope it's sooner than later.

I just had a hip replacement surgery (GET HIP!!) and I've got some rehab time on
that. Let me know the ideal venue for you, and it'll move that "to do" up on my

Hope all's well with you and yours.


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LJ, Natalie here, from Austin. I haven't seen or heard hide nor hair of you for many years now, but your music remains in my heart as clearly as if it were yesterday that I first heard you.
I hope you are well and happy. I am still making recordings. I know what you mean about the live versions. They are like gems, natural, like music is supposed to be.
I am recording new ones down here as well, some live one time takes in the studio and others with my trusty metronome. I don't know if you ever go to Kerrville anymore. I quit camping in soaring temperatures back in 2005. I am submitting my new songs this year to see if I can get on the big stage.
You take care. I knit. I always think of your YARNS song when I am knitting. It rings more true today than it did when I was much younger.
Hope to see you down the songwriting road.
Natalie Flowers (formerly Withers, and no, I didn't get married. i changed it.)

LJ Booth responded on 03/31/2014
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Thanks for the quick response! Good luck on your hip replacement recovery - I've had both of mine done. I think the hardest part is sleeping on your back! I'll share with you the most important thing my Doc told me - the body heals in 6 week increments. If you don't feel like it's going as fast you want, you should notice a significant improvement after 6 weeks, then 12 and so forth. I'll be damned if it wasn't true. It changed my whole outlook on the healing process.
Wish you the best and hope to see you on your feet IN Colorado soon.
Big fan,

LJ Booth responded on 07/14/2014
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