LJ  Booth

LJ, for several years you were playing a song with the chorus that included "....road song echoed down through the wheel well..." and refrains of "...put a 1/4 in the belly of my beat up olds" "with more creases in the body than a map has folds" What was that song? Where can I find the lyrics? who wrote it? I still remember how to play it but can only hum 99% of it. Many Thanks, Pete Cadmus

LJ Booth responded on 11/11/2013

Yo, Pete. Good to hear from you.
That song is: ROAD SONG, by Stephan George. Back when I met him (at Kerrville) he
Was living down in Arizona.

I got a chance to hear his version recently and was surprised to hear the way I've put a little
Twist in the feel. It always gets me, how songs morph over time and through

I hope you guys are healthy and thriving.


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